Interactive Productivity Dashboard

Snagmaster™ presents real–time management information via an intuitive web–based portal. The personalised, interactive and secure dashboard provides views for both main contractor AND each sub–contractor to ensure optimum productivity and uptake. Snagmaster™ combines all the data you need to improve the productivity of any construction project.

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Companion Apps are available to download

Companion Apps

Work with defects, activities and eForms onsite via a suite of feature rich, synchronising Apps for mobile devices. Work online or offline for those areas where there is no 3G or WiFi connectivity.

Responsive Design

The Snagmaster™ productivity dashboard is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy-reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning or scrolling across a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

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No matter what size or type of project, Snagmaster™ can be configured to suit. From airports to apartment blocks Snagmaster™ works with them all.

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Unlimited users and freely downloadable companion Apps means everyone that needs access gets access.

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Built on industrial strength infrastructure served from secure data-centres Snagmaster™ is powerful enough to handle the largest of projects.

Swift Setup

Snagmaster™ is quickly setup and configured, allowing the import of project information directly from Excel. The drag and drop style of allocating labels to plans lends itself to management of not just areas but also assets and systems. Standard lists of activities or check items can be imported and allocated against each location or asset making Snagmaster™ ideal for managing specific phases of work.


Snagmaster™ automates the administration that is essential to the successful handover of every project. Automated reports can be configured to be sent to engineers and subcontractors at each stage of the process, keeping the audit trail intact and making sure that everyone knows what is going on. Of course, reminders and nags are a part of life and Snagmaster™ can send those out too - complete with links, PDF listings, photographs, drawings and comments.


Not everyone onsite has access to the latest technology and sometimes a piece of paper is needed to do the job. Snagmaster™ produces subcontractor worksheets, reports, room-sheets, snag-per-page summaries and annotated floor plans all including photographs and/or comments as required and all which are designed to be printed.

Defects and activities

Defects and activities can be managed from the desktop using web-browser or on-site using a combination of adaptive web-portal and iOS native companion Apps. The Apps, developed specifically for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, allow users to operate fully offline with full functionality. Users have the ability to access and mark-up drawings, pinpoint issues, attach and annotate photos, capture comments, store GiS data, and sketch.

The ability to configure sub-categories and the use of powerful filters allows users to easily find, prioritise and report on any issues in the field. The Apps are designed to be intuitive to ensure high end-user adoption. Any information captured offline in the field is synchronised with the Snagmaster™ Project Productivity web portal seamlessly.


Snagmaster's companion Apps are configured by and synchronise with the Project Productivity portal via any internet connection. Snagmaster™ can also use a secure connection, like the banks do, for extra secure data transfer between the App and the Portal. A live connection to the portal is not always possible due to working constraints (e.g. basements, remote areas, Faraday cages) and so all Snagmaster™ Apps are able to function in "offline" mode, allowing work to continue in the App until a connection is available again.


The Snagmaster™ Apps are fully featured and make for fast addition and retrieval of information. Comprehensive filtering, interactive eForms, annotated photographs, watermarking, sketching, preset descriptions and sortable lists all help make things simpler for operatives to get the information across. In addition, device specific features such as dictation, spell–checking, phrase abbreviations plus text cut and paste are also available.


All Snagmaster™ Apps are available via the relevant App stores as free downloads which means that installation and updating is simple and straightforward. Users require a username and password to use the App and these are controlled by the project. The Snagmaster™ subscription includes first line support so the IT department suffers no extra work and the Apps follow device UI guidelines so that users are already familiar with how they operate – meaning that any training requirement is minimal.

eForms & Permits

The construction industry still operates in a hybrid state where electronic means are often used to record information but paper-forms and lists are used side by side. Snagmaster™ offers the best of both worlds with its eForms implementation.

Snagmaster™ automatically creates an electronic version of the form within the Snagmaster™ iPad App which users can then use to gather the field information they need to keep the job rolling. Using the App allows the form content to be augmented with rich supporting information such as photographs, sketches, location and GPS data and so on. Alarms can be set to remind users to return to a location to complete an eForm, and users sign-off eForms in the traditional manner by signing onscreen. Once the eForm data is entered, it synchronises with the project portal where a numbered register of eForms builds up.

Completed eForms can be viewed as PDFs using the same layout as the paper original, and emailed and exported as required. Any photographs are automatically appended and signatures faithfully rendered. The register views in the productivity portal are customisable, meaning that each register shows the most relevant information to the users. Complete eForm registers or the data from individual eForms can be exported to Excel.

Drag and drop demo screen

Drag & drop

Drag and drop seven different field types onto your custom form background to configure it as an eForm.

Set field defaults screen

Practical options

Easily configure fields to set parameters, prompts and headings to define how they will appear in the Apps. Keyboard type, auto-correct, capitalisation and large button options help operatives, while features like mandatory fields, force-a-photo and enforced completion order maintain quality.

PDF Preview demo screen

PDF Preview

A PDF is automatically created as if a scanned paper original and can be emailed or exported as required. Any photographs are automatically appended and signatures faithfully rendered.


Once an eForm has been designed it will automatically sync to the Snagmaster™ iPad App once activated. Users complete eForms via the eForm registry or directly from a plan. Completion of an eForm is simple and follows the usual UI guidelines, using rollers, tick lists and sliders as required. eForms can be reviewed in list view via the eForm registry or directly on the plans on a per location basis. eForms are filterable in the same way as defects to allow a subset to be focussed on.

Non–Conformance reports (NCR)

Snagmaster™ treats NCR as a pre–defined eForm and includes specific workflow and functionality to suit. The NCR register can be reviewed on both the Snagmaster™ iPad App and the productivity portal where costing information can be added and a range of graphs are available. As ever, project branded PDF copies of the NCR can be produced for distribution or compliance filing.

We cannot fault Snagmaster. It has controlled QA in all respects on the project since we commenced. I would not hesitate recommending this to any project.

Nick Dovey - Lend Lease Construction Site Manager

This is the best solution I have ever used in over 40 years working in the Construction sector!

Project Foreman - Lady Cilento Children's Hospital


Snagmaster™ is supported by a dedicated team of practical, friendly and helpful professionals, all who will do their utmost to solve your problems and assist in whatever way they can.

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