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Snag management software.

Snagmaster™ is a proven, effective and trusted solution for projects and enterprises to streamline and manage quality assurance, completion and hand–over of any construction project – ease of use, unlimited users, super configurable.

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Core features

dashboard defects forms & permits checklists & audit enterprise

Snagmaster™ stores and manages project information securely in the cloud. The data is accessed via companion Apps which are configured through a comprehensive and easy to use web–portal. In addition, the portal offers operational access to the core features across multiple projects and provides configuration, overview, analysis and reporting services plus system administration at enterprise level.

Powerful Apps

The Snagmaster™ companion Apps place project data in the pocket and include powerful features such as offline working, in–App storage of photos and files, 3D model viewing, comprehensive searching and filtering, photo or plan markup and signatures. The Apps adapt to suit device size and user role, so each user is focussed on what is applicable to them.

Reminders & Alerts

Set reminders email alert on form and checklist close email alert on comments and milestones reached auto update popup

Filter & Search

Plan grouping plan name search show only plans with live items item totals by status, active forms and active checklists search and jump to any location search on snag description comprehensive view filtering


All plans and configuration data across all accessible projects all live snags complete registers (forms, checklists & NCRs) optional local photo and file storage

Login & Security

Encrypted, optimised data transfer touchID and faceID support password reset auto–logoff unlimited projects App update prompt re–authentication prompt

Photo & Plan Markup

Photo annotation full or part plan markup read any barcode and add it into a field read location QR code and initiate snag, form or checklist smart watermark on photos

Pinpoint the Problem

Mark locations exactly via pinpoint feature available for ALL items view items totaled by area or as individual points

Multiples Views

View data in many filterable ways list view tag view pinpoint view independent scaling of plan and markers built–in 3D model viewer

In–App Storage

Optional in–App storage of images and files view PDF, XLSX, DOCX, MP4, JPG and more in App

Fast & Easy

Tap and go interface fly to location search on snag text smart fill of snag detail read barcodes & QR codes save & new or copy function form copy

Dashboard & Reporting

Dashboard panel placement
Dashboard settings
Location pinpoint
Snag dashboard
PDF report
Pinpoint location map
Plan view
Snag photo
Subcontractor charts

Snagmaster™ presents project information via an intuitive web–based portal. The personalised, interactive and secure dashboard provides views for main contractor, sub contractor and client users to ensure everyone has the access they require.

Data can be displayed as tables or graphs and filtered, ordered and downloaded in a variety of useful PDF layouts, or exported to Excel for further analysis. Produce and export activity reports, tracker views, plan views, subcontractor worksheets and room sheets.

Snagmaster™ improves project productivity by securely managing site data in a single project portal.

Defects & Issues

Location labels
Pinpoint location view
Responsive design
Multiple projects and plans
Download formats
Sorting and Grouping
Access and update snags

Defects and issues can be managed via web browser or via a companion App on a mobile device. The Snagmaster™ Apps, developed for iOS and Android, allow users to operate offline with full functionality and synchronise securely and seamlessly with the project portal.

Users are presented a feature set relevant to their project role and can add and update snags, add and annotate photos, mark–up plans, pinpoint ssues, share comments, store GPS data, and sketch.

Project definable categories combined with powerful filters allows subsets of issues to be easily isolated, sorted and reported on. The web–portal and the Apps are easy to use, ensuring everyone can use them.

Forms & Permits

Set eForm reminders
eForm completion
Configuire eForm tab
Portal eForm registry
eForm app sorting
NCR Registry

The construction industry is hybrid, where electronic means are often used to record information but paper forms can still be commonplace. Snagmaster's forms module covers both aspects.

Digital forms can be designed in Snagmaster and configured to output to PDF in the original layout if required.

Forms are completed via the web–portal or the Apps. Both allow easy augmenting with supporting information like photos, pinpoints, markups, GPS and so on. Auto–emailing, alarms and completion targets aid activity, while mandatory photos, input masks and prompts ensure data is recorded at the time.

Forms are listed in discrete registers, and also viewed via tracker grids, weekly summaries and exception reports.

Checklists & Audit

Android checklist signature close-out
Android checklist plan view
Portal checklist registry & gallery
ios edit checklist with milestone
Desktop checklist pdf review
Portal configure checklist
Portal checklist tracker

Modern construction thrives on assurance, proof and provenance and Snagmaster provides this at every level via its Checklists module.

Easy to create or import and even simpler to use, features like milestones and trackers allow operations such as H&S, progress, quality, condition, estimating and auditing to be managed.

Checklists are completed by main or sub contractor users and contain features such as direct snag creation, mandatory photos, closure rules, and unlimited signatories.

Responses can be augmented with an array of supporting information e.g. photos, annotations, markups, pinpoints and so on. Checklists are displayed discretely in registers or as a tracker/progress view and a range of export and download options are available as PDF and Excel.


Portal category report
Portal device report
Portal S-Curve
Subcontractor company overview charts
Browse by map
Device useage chart

Snagmaster has powerful enterprise features to make administration of the system easy. Things like standard work packages and a central list of subcontractors makes like for like analysis across the business possible. Project templates mean new projects come online fast. Centralised form management means form design changes are instantly rolled out to everyone with the click of a button.

At the end of the project, Snagmaster's auto–archive routines will create a stand–alone searchable archive of your project, including all original source files and data. Ideal for the O&M records.

Reporting across business divisions is simple as Snagmaster provides filterable, exportable global registers of NCRs, defects and forms. Usage graphs, S–curves, aged analysis, summary grids and exception reports all help the quality team keep an eye on things and the project team deliver.


What is snagging?

Snagging which can also be referred to as a punch list. It is a common term used throughout the construction industry and is the necessary task of compiling a complete list of outstanding faults or repairs that require to be rectified before the project can be completed and/or signed off, ensuring satisfied clients if done correctly. Snagmaster is a complete snagging tool developed for snagging any size project.

What is a snag?

A snag is a flaw or defect that must be fixed to satisfy the client's demands and maintain the integrity and safety of the finished project. This might be something that is damaged, broken, incomplete, or installed improperly. Even though they are frequently superficial, serious snags can have major time and monetary implications. To prevent issues later on, it is preferable to identify these items as soon as possible.

What is the difference between snags and defects?

Snags and defects are two terms that are often used interchangeably in many sectors, including manufacturing, construction, and engineering.

A snag tends to refer to minor issues or flaws that need to be rectified but should not significantly affect the functionality or performance of a product. An issue that is typically fixable and hopefully will not compromise the overall quality of the build.

Snags are often found in construction, where cosmetic flaws can be easily caused in the build phase.

A Defect can suggest more serious issue that would significantly impact the functionality or performance of a product. It is a flaw or imperfection that could render a product unusable or unsafe for its intended purpose. Defects would typically require significant repairs or even complete replacement of the product. In some cases, defects can pose a serious safety risk to consumers.

It is important for all sectors to take steps to identify all snags and defects in their products, both to ensure client satisfaction and to prevent potential harm to consumers. When snagging a project it is important that all snags and/or defects are caught and managed so that.

Snagmaster ensures that all snags or defects can be identified as soon as possible and will be managed and processed correctly.

What does snagging mean in construction?

Snagging is a critical phase of construction that guarantees a new build project complies with the necessary quality standards and specifications. Snagging, in its broadest sense, describes the process of inspecting a new building for faults that need to be fixed.

Here are some of the types of snags or defects that might occur on a construction project:

  • Snags that develop over time, such as plaster cracks and paintwork scuffs.
  • Issues relating to substandard craftsmanship.
  • Defects resulting from incorrect design and material installation.
  • Installation steps that were overlooked or skipped.
  • Latent repercussions brought on by the problems described above.
What is a snagging tool?

A snagging tool is the method used on project sites to record and manage any faults or repairs that must be rectified before it is complete. This might be anything from a straightforward spreadsheet to a full-fledged snagging software package. The major benefit of using a dedicated snagging tool over simple snag sheet is that it enables you to connect all trades on your project through a single system and alert them to any snags that are discovered right away, saving time and money. Snagmaster is a complete snagging tool. Developed for snagging any size construction project and connecting all project users from Clients to Managers to Subcontractors. Additionally, our software and app can manage and digitise project checklists, forms, audits and reports.

What is a snagging survey or punch list?

The main purpose of a snagging survey or punch list. Is to document any problems or 'snags' ranging from minor defects like cracked paint to major faults such as incorrect installations. This list should be continually updated and managed so that all problems are completely rectified before handing over to the customer. Snagmaster has been built to make the process of generating and managing snagging lists clear so that all users can work efficiently and projects are completed to the best possible standards.

Who does a snagging survey?

Clients and homeowners can create their own snagging list, but a project manager or contractor should be compiling a snagging list as the job progresses to avoid serious issues further down the line. As each stage of the job is completed, problems should be logged and rectified as soon as possible so they are kept on top of. Snagmaster offers a variety of flexible access options for all different sorts of project users, including managers, subcontractors, and clients.

When should snagging take place?

Generally snagging should take place as soon as an area or build is considered complete by a contractor and is offered ready for inspection. Ideally snag inspections should take place after all debris and obstructions have been removed with full lighting in place. On large projects the inspection process may need to be carried out in sections as areas are progressively completed and closed off. Snagmaster contains all your project information in one secure site accessible by your whole team at any time on any device. Some project sites might require users to be offline or have little or no service Snagmaster has the ability to work offline and sync data when connection is available.

What is the snagging process?

The first step in the snagging process is to identify and provide as much information about any snags that must be resolved before the project can be completed. To ensure that the relevant subcontractor receives all the information necessary to fix the problem accurately and effectively, these snags must be assigned a manager and documented as thoroughly as possible. Once the subcontractor has fixed the snag, it must be officially approved and closed by the designated manager (and/or customer) or rejected in order for any adjustments or additional instructions to be given. You may provide the ability to raise snags to any user with Snagmaster. Snags can also be raised from the process of completing project checklists and/or forms.

What is the best snagging software?

Here are a few things you need to consider to choose the best snagging software for you.


Free trials are important so that you can get hands on before committing to new software but hidden costs are common within new apps on the market. Enticing users with a free trial of the software, but then expecting them to pay to access different features. Snagmasters 30 day free trial is fully featured and completely free.

The cloud

Construction site workers, subcontractors, and project managers are just a few of the personnel who frequently work on the large task of snagging. Using the cloud, data is uploaded to a single, safe area where many people can collaborate to fix bugs and flaws. Snagging software lacks its purpose if it cannot use the cloud, making the information it collects unavailable to everyone. Snagmaster contains all your project information in one secure site accessible by your whole team at any time. Some sites might require users to be offline Snagmaster can also work offline and sync data when suitable.


Lack of information about new snagging software is one of the major problems that many businesses face. Although it is demonstrated to be straightforward, when managers and subcontractors do it themselves, it becomes more difficult. Users are able to work more productively if the software can offer on-site training, tutorials, and useful tips and tricks. A new application must be accompanied by training if it is to be fully utilised by users. Snagmaster has a dedicated UK support team, onsite training and guides available to get it working for you quickly and with the minimum of effort.


In the construction industry, main contractors perform the majority of the snagging. They must guarantee that the installations carried out by their subcontractors are done correctly. So, how do you manage to incorporate your subcontractors into your digital snagging tool? Organisation, communication, and accountability would all inevitably improve if workers had a single snagging app that all users can access. Snagmaster has access options for all types of construction user from main users to subcontractors to clients with many configurable options.


The best snagging software should be able to create useful progress reports so that you can use the information to your best advantage. A versatile reporting function will allow you to cut down on hours of spreadsheet work. Snagmaster has many preset chart options and the ability to download pdf/xls data at any time.

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